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Tips for Staying Mentally "Fit"

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. While we often focus on our physical well-being like the food we eat, exercise and getting check-ups, we often forget to take care of our emotional and mental needs. Here are ten ways to stay mentally “fit”:

  1. Take control of your day. Be in charge of your calendar!

  2. Release your stress. Go on a run or a walk!

  3. Smile. It may not be the easiest thing to do when stressed, but smiling can help to lower your heart rate and calm you down.

  4. Set healthy boundaries. It’s okay to say “no” sometimes!

  5. Journal things that make you happy. Then you can relive those happy moments later!

  6. Meditate. Spiritual practices like meditation are linked to increased levels of feel-good chemicals and decreased levels of chemicals associated with stress.

  7. Focus on the resolution. Figure out what you want to accomplish and get it done!

  8. Unplug and disconnect. Sometimes staying “connected” all the time can be too much. Give yourself a break!

  9. Read. Get comfortable and spend some time getting immersed in a good book. Reading can relieve stress and tension.

  10. Spend time with your pets. Time with animals lowers stress hormones and boosts Oxycontin, which stimulates feelings of happiness.

woman sitting on ground with her three dogs

Join us this month, as we challenge ourselves to make small changes - both physically and mentally - to create huge gains for our overall fitness and well-being. The #FeelGoodFriday challenges are designed for all ages, no matter what kind of shape you are in or where you are in your mental health journey. LIKE us on Facebook to follow our #FeelGoodFriday Challenges!



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