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Quality Care at Your Convenience

pharmacist checking script

We live in a world of technology and accessibility. With online shopping, fast shipping, and one-click purchases available at our fingertips, it’s clear why people may want that same convenience with their healthcare. This may be why some people are turning to mail order pharmacies. “Mail-order” prescription means you don’t have to step into a pharmacy to receive your medications; it’s delivered to you via online orders. But are mail order pharmacies really the most beneficial? What many don’t know is that their local pharmacy offers that same great convenience but with quality care to back it up.

What are some benefits of knowing my pharmacist?

  • Face-to-Face Medication Counseling: We discuss reasons for specific medication(s) prescribed, doses, directions and any questions our patients may have. Dispensing errors are often averted when we counsel patients about the medications. This offers the patients the opportunity to ask questions and bring up any concerns they may have.

  • Communicated Refills: Oftentimes orders don’t get sent to the mail order (doctors forget, or a transmission error occurs) and the patient may not realize right away. Now they are out of refills and a week or more has passed. Alternatively, mail order may not have updated directions and thinks you are out of medication and automatically sends refills. Now the patient has a large supply on hand and a greater chance of taking the wrong medications. Your community pharmacist proactively communicates with our patients’ doctors and won’t send you refills for a medication you no longer take or give excess supply of refills. We are here to help you take the RIGHT medication.

  • Personalized Pharmacy Care: We don’t just put pills in a bottle and send you on your way. We offer personalized services and follow-up to make sure that the medications are working properly to help you reach your healthcare goals.

  • We do MORE: We provide disease state education, have resources & educational materials, provide wellness services, talk to you about medication safety, suggest ways to help you take your medication, help you manage other health conditions, and much more.

Your pharmacist may be the health professional you see most often and talk with about your health. It’s important to take advantage of the many ways your pharmacist can help you manage your health and medications. Pharmacists work closely with your doctor or nurse to give you expert information and guidance about your health and any conditions you may have. All this information & all these services are available at your local pharmacy… now that sounds like convenience!



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